Designercise is an active ideation toolkit, designed to enhance flexible, creative thinking and bust through everyday brain-ruts that inhibit creativity! With over 20 short and productive exercises in storytelling, flexible thinking, improvisation and design thinking, this toolkit combines cognitive sciences and design thinking techniques to create high energy games for professional play. Get your creativity on with Designercise!

Designercise Ideation Workouts are quick productive distractions into everyday thinking that inhibits creative problem solving! With these short creative exercises, you can learn mental workout skills that flex your brain and help bust through even the most rigid of thinkers. This boredom busting brain kit was developed to enhance critical and flexible thinking skills for professionals. Use the exercise to explore rapid ideation and help brighten up your grey matter!

Created with cognitive biases, brain science and creative problem solving techniques in mind, Designercise is a series of rapid ideation training tools that help players create flexible and divergent thinking patterns. Each exercise is designed to bust a cognitive bias or brain-rut that inhibits creative thinking. Through small to large group play, Designercise exercises create the cognitive conditions for divergent thinking. The games inside the small and deluxe boxed toolkits force tired and dulled brains to develop new strategies for solving everyday problems whilst upping feel-good community vibes between the players.

Designercise is perfect for creating collaborative connections between teams, busting afternoon brain slumps, activating tired meetings, banishing boardroom boredom, helping people solve real-world problems, and facilitating the generation of divergent creative ideas!

All the exercises in the Designercise toolkit enhance storytelling, design thinking, improvisation and flexible thinking skills, while also creating a high energy environment for collaboration and creative problem solving. This is ideation in action! Ideal for educational and professional settings, and a must-have for any facilitator, Designercise is unlike any other professional play-based brain-activator on the market (actually, we don't know of any others)!