Designercise Design Thinking Kit

Designercise Design Thinking Kit

$ 45.00

The Designercise Design Thinking kit breaks down commonly held biases around products to help players unleash their innovative thinking skills. It includes games like “Functional Fixations” (which challenges players to come up with new ways of using everyday things), "Back to the Future” (in which players unpack the history of an innovation and then design a future version), “Change it” (in which players have one object card and one problem card, and have to solve the problem through an innovation in the object-- like the problem of "caffeine addiction" with the innovation of "boiling water") and “Improbable Things” (an empathy game that encourages players to design a new version of an object for a defined character). Since this pack involves decks of the object, innovation, messy problem and role cards, this kit is perfect for designing games around empathy, design research, innovative thinking and the role of design in everyday life.

**Designercise is currently in production. All orders will be shipped early February 2016 - orders now will be prioritize with our first shipment batch**

Each Small Kit includes:

  • 4 different decks of cards
    (20 cards in each deck) 

  • An instruction sheet for how to play the 5 games + warm ups 

DESIGNERCISE is an active ideation toolkit, designed to enhance flexible thinking and bust brain-ruts that inhibit creative thinking! With over 20 short and productive games inviting you to positively disrupt your everyday thinking, this toolkit combines cognitive sciences and design thinking techniques to create high energy exercises for professional play.